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Protest action in #baku against soldier deaths

Child from Yasamal ))

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bu dəfə ağ-qara

Old town Tabriz. Shariyar museum. Taken by Orkhan Mammadov. 

Old Azerbaijan town Tabriz. 

Old Azerbaijani town Tabriz. Photos taken by my brother Orkhan Mammadov.

Two arrested poets in Iran

Two young Azerbaijani poets Shehriyar Del Gerani (Hajiyev) and Ferid Huseyn, travelling to Iran, have been arrested by unknown persons dressed in civilian clothes.  Shehriyar’s father Haji Mayil Hajiyev  informed about that Azerbaijan service of Radio of Freedom. He reported that since May 2 there is no any information about his son travelled to Iran to take part in International Festival of Poetry.  

n  Shehriyar and Ferid went to Iran on April 29. On May 1 he phoned me from Maraga (Iran).  He planned to leave Iran at 23-00 local time with bus Tabriz- Baku at next day. On May 2 he met 2 his friends from Imishli (Azerbaijan) in Tabriz. They used to study together at school in Imishli.  Having met with his friends they began to walk around Tabriz. Shehriyar’s  friends’  bus was to leave 4 hours later than Shariyar’s bus. Then Shahriyar with reason to buy Coca-Cola left his friends. Exactly then the civilian dressed persons arrested him.

n  How many persons were they and how did they present themselves?

n  5-6 persons in 2 cars. Dressed in civilian clothes. They didn’t present themselves. They forced Shahriyar and his poet friend to sit in a car saying that ‘’you must go with us’’. In response Shehriyar told that ‘’Let’s take our luggage’’. After that they came together to the Hotel where Shehriyar’s friends stayed. And then these two guys had also been arrested.

But Shehriyar’s friends have been released soon. Actually these civilian persons had made search in Hotel room and took their  (Shehriyar’s friends ) passports for a while for check. But at two o’clock in the night their passport were returned and  Shehriyar’s friends  returned back to Azerbaijan.   

So these two men  informed  me about Shehriyar’s arrest.  Based on their observation these civilian persons were from state organization since the hotel administrator has known them.

n   Do you have same information about festival of Poetry where Shehriyar and his friend Ferid planned to  take part? Where was it?

n  No. It might be either in Maraga or in Tebriz

n  How you think what would be the reason of their arrest?

n  I have no idea.

n  Was Shehriyar in Iran before?

n  Yes, 6 times. He took his seriously ill mother to Iran for treatment

n  Did you inform the state organization about this?

n  Yes, I informed the Imishli department of the Ministry of Security . They told me that they would make investigation about this arrest.

P.S. This article was translated into English by Mammadov Mushvig from www.azadliq.org 




17 march. Protest rally in Azerbaijan

That is a family, living in the southern region of Azerbaijan, Saatli. The father is born invalid. But family seems like to be very happy today since the Gov decided to build a new house for them and local NGO made present as furniture.